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Zombie Squad


通过僵尸启示驾驶自己的方式。火你的枪和杀死所有的僵尸在你的路径。避免其他车辆和障碍物,并获得尽可能可以。僵尸队可以让你选择你的车和升级。通过改变它的武器或防具其个性化你的车。此外,您还可以在商店购买新车型。杀了你的去路所有的僵尸,收集尽可能多的硬币,就可以了,在升级这个惊人的游戏你乘坐的Android!产品特点:- 大量的僵尸杀人的乐趣。- 伟大的汽车和武器。- 优秀的图形。- 令人惊叹的游戏。

Drive your way through a zombie apocalypse. Fire your guns and kill all zombies in your path. Avoid other cars and obstacles and get as far as you can. Zombie Squad allows you to choose your car and upgrade it. Personalize your car by changing its weapon or its armor. Also, you can buy new car models in the store. Kill all zombies in your way, gather as many coins as you can, and upgrade your ride in this amazing game for android!
Features:- Lots of zombie killing fun.- Great cars and weapons. - Excellent graphics.- Amazing gameplay.